How do I know I am getting a professional Santa?  Santa Joe has graduated from the International University of Santa Claus and has been instructed by one of the most well-known and experienced Santa’s in the United States. He is a real-bearded Santa with an authentic and natural white beard – yes the kids can pull on it and see for themselves, Santa is real!  Santa’s suit was custom made in Hollywood, California and comes with an authentic custom leather belt and specially designed buckle and boots.  Nothing is fake with this Santa.  The image is important for children, as well as adults, and every detail has been thoroughly checked and rechecked to turn doubters into believers.


Does Santa know how to deal with children?    Children of all ages can be unpredictable.  Santa Joe has been working with children for over 30 years. Mentored by many great people, Santa Joe is now mentoring young people himself.  Santa Joe has experience working with the public and has been a volunteer in the Children’s Medical Evaluation program at Children’s Hospital. Santa Joe has visited Mission Children’s Hospital on Christmas Day visiting all the patients and staff.  He has also been a volunteer in the Buncombe County and Asheville City Schools reading program for children ages 5-8.


Can I trust Santa with my children? (See above answer).   Santa Joe has been vetted with an FBI background check and is covered with an individual insurance policy with Kaercher Insurance and the Philadelphia Insurance Companies.  Santa Joe can always provide references if desired.


Why is there a retainer? When booking with Santa Joe the day and time is guaranteed, and Santa Joe will not take another appointment, often giving up business, because it’s reserved exclusively for your visit.  If the event is canceled for any reasons retainers are non-refundable.  Santa Joe is unable to change times or dates once a booking is made.